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Issue ranking in Advanced Roadmaps

Along with functions like dependencies, ranking issues tells Advanced Roadmaps in which order your work is to be completed. All issues are ranked relative to those with the same hierarchy level, meaning the ranking of an epic won’t impact the ranking of a story. Limit the hierarchy range visible on your timeline to see how the child issues are ranked relative to other child issues.

Advanced Roadmaps displays an issue’s ranking in the Scope column under # of the highest hierarchy level displayed in your plan. These rankings can’t be surfaced in Jira Software, but they’re essential for using the Auto-scheduler.

To change the ranking of one issue in Advanced Roadmaps, drag and drop an issue to a new row in the Scope section. Its child issues will move with it to the new row on your plan, but their ranking won’t be changed. See the Edit multiple issues in bulk on your timeline to learn how to re-rank multiple issues at once.


Last modified on Aug 10, 2021
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