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Group issues on your Advanced Roadmaps timeline

Advanced Roadmaps lets you group issues on your timeline according to assignees, projects, component, teams, sprints, release, labels.

To change how issues are grouped:

  1. Navigate to the View settings menu of your plan.

  2. Find the the dropdown menu labeled Group by, then select how you want to group your issues.

    1. If you group by component or label, select + Create group. Enter a name, and then start typing to find the components or labels to add to the group.

Before you can group by labels and components, they must be configured in Advanced Roadmaps.

Any issues that don’t have a value in the selected field (for instance, no team is assigned to an issue, and you group by team) will be in the Unassigned swimlane at the bottom of your plan.

When grouping by sprint

Sprints that are shared by multiple teams will have a swimlane for each team and the capacity shown will for each specific one. Advanced Roadmaps will automatically roll up values to the parent task.

When grouping by release

Releases are ordered by release date. Those without dates, are at the bottom of the plan.

Last modified on Aug 10, 2021
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