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The following information only applies to classic projects.

To check which project you need help with, look at the bottom of your project’s left-hand sidebar:

  • If you see an icon stating You’re in a next-gen project with Give feedback and Learn more menu items, you're in a next-gen project. Check out our next-gen project documentation.

  • If you don’t, you're in a classic project.

You can share your project’s roadmap with offline users by exporting it as an image (PNG format). Use it in a presentation, attach to project documentation, or even to print as a poster for your team's wall. 

To export a roadmap as an image:

  1. While viewing your roadmap, select Export

  2. Choose the Timeline viewStart date and End dates, then select Export

A cropped screenshot of the export window, displaying a preview of the roadmap and details that can be included in the file.

Your browser will automatically download the image.

Add your roadmap to a Confluence Cloud page

You can add your team's roadmap to a Confluence Cloud page using the Jira Roadmap macro. Roadmaps you add to a Confluence Cloud page will update in real-time, and you can interact with it just as you would in Jira.

There are three ways to add your roadmap to a Confluence Cloud page.

Option 1: Paste a URL

  1. Go to your next-gen Jira Software project and view the Roadmap.

  2. Copy the URL from your browser.

  3. Paste that URL directly into your Confluence page.

It will automatically be transformed into a Jira Roadmap macro.

Option 2: Macro shortcut menu

  1. Bring up the macro shortcuts menu with either '/' (in the new Confluence Cloud editor) or '{' (in the classic editor). 

  2. Search for Jira Roadmap.

Cropped image of a the Jira Roadmap macro in Confluence.

Option 3: Macro menu

  1. Select the macro menu ().

  2. Select Jira Roadmap

A plus symbol (+) represents the macro dropdown menu. The Jira Roadmap macro is listed, among several other macros.
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