Enable the project issue navigator

The following information only applies to next-gen projects

If you're unsure what type project you need help with, check the bottom of your project sidebar. If you see the Give feedback and Learn more menu items, you're in a next-gen project. If you don't, you're in a classic project.

The project issue navigator lets you view a list of the issues in your project, and filter them to find what you need. You can search for one or more issues using the text search field and built-in filters.

For example, you can search for all issues in your project with a particular assignee and status.

To enable the issue navigator for your next-gen project:

  1. Go to Project settings () > Features

  2. Toggle on the switch for Issue navigator

You can toggle this feature on and off any time without affecting any of your project’s issues.

The issue navigator page with a list of issues and an issue selected. There is a text field and other filters.
  1. The Issues link in the project sidebar.

  2. The list of issues in the issue navigator.

  3. Text and other filters.

  4. Link to advanced search.

Learn more about searching in Jira Cloud.


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