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What is the incidents feature?

The incidents feature helps your development team identify, prioritize, and manage incidents. Once you connect Jira Service Management services your team owns using the feature, you can see the incident details of those services in Jira Software.

You need access to Jira Service Management to set up this feature and view incidents in Jira Software.

At a high level, services are systems, platforms, or infrastructure that help your customers or business. They are often payment platforms, servers, websites, products, or application stacks. With the incidents feature, you can connect any services your team is responsible for maintaining to the Jira project.

After the incidents feature is connected, your team can create and link issues and post-incident reviews (PIRs), to help you prioritize the work needed to triage active incidents and prevent incidents from happening again.

For example, filtering incidents by priority or affected service can help your team focus on resolving the highest-impact incidents. Once an incident is resolved, you can create a PIR to share the root causes and discuss remediation options.

By turning unexpected incidents into manageable, visible work, you can improve your team’s focus on quick resolution and internal review while building proactive work practices to prevent incidents from happening again.

Enable or disable the incidents feature

You need project admin permissions to turn off the incidents feature.

  1. From your project's sidebar, go to Project settings > Features.

  2. Toggle the Incidents feature on or off.

  3. Once enabled, select Incidents in your project’s sidebar to use the feature.

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