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What are Compass components?

This article refers to features that are currently rolling out. To find out when these features will be live on your site, keep an eye on our release notes or the Atlassian Community.

A Compass component represents a piece of software, like a microservice, library, or application. Together, they make up your software architecture and are cataloged for free in Compass, a developer experience tool.

A Compass component can include information that helps your team understand who owns it, how to interact with it, how it’s performing, and how it relates to other components.

By grouping issues around Compass components, your team can track and reveal the impact of their work on your software architecture; and surface component information that helps move that work forward.

  • From Compass, anyone can create, view, edit, and delete a Compass component. A Compass component can also be used across different company-managed projects.

  • From Jira Software, anyone can:

    • view Compass components, and their associated information and issues, from the Components page in the project sidebar

    • link and unlink issues from components using an issue’s Components field

    • search for Compass components in the backlog, boards, and issue navigator

You can’t use Jira components and Compass components at the same time. We recommend using Compass components to represent pieces of software; and instead of Jira components, use custom fields. Learn more about custom fields

If you switch to Compass components, Jira components won’t be deleted, and they’ll still be visible on issues they were previously linked to. You can switch back to Jira components at any time.

Next steps

  1. Configure Compass components.

  2. Link issues to Compass components.


Compass components aren’t yet supported in Jira automation. We’re working on it!

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