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Check the progress of a version

You've been monitoring the progress of your sprints and keeping your team on track for each iteration. How do know if you are on track to deliver the version?

Jira Software provides a number of tools that you can use to monitor the progress of a version. These tools can help you see problems early, as well as determine the likelihood of releasing a version on time.

Release page

The release page helps you understand the status of work for your version at a point in time. It shows a summary and breakdown of the issues in the version.

To view a version, select Releases in your project sidebar, then select your version from the list.

If you have connected Jira Software to your development tools, the release page will show development information about pull requests, commits, builds, and deployments associated with your issues.

Depending on which development tools are connected, warnings can also appear when your issue data is potentially out of sync with your development data. These include warnings about issues that are marked as done but have open pull requests or unreviewed code.

Learn more about checking the progress of a version on the release page

Release burndown report

The release burndown report helps you understand how your team is progressing towards the completion of the version. The report shows your team's velocity (relative to the current version), how scope changes have affected progress, and the estimated number of sprints needed to complete the remaining work.

Learn more about the release burndown report

Release burndown screen with a bar graph to reflect progress via work completed, work remaining, work added, work forecasted.

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