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Capacity in scrum vs. kanban teams in Advanced Roadmaps

Capacity for Scrum teams

When scheduling work for Scrum teams, capacity is calculated differently for time-based estimates and story points:

  • If you’re using time-based estimates, the sprint capacity is determined by taking the weekly capacity and multiplying by the number of weeks per iteration. For example, if your team’s capacity is 40 hours and your iterations last two weeks, your team’s sprint capacity will be 80 hours.

  • If you estimate in story points, no conversion is necessary since story points are defined per iteration. The capacity applies to the whole sprint. By default, this is set to 30 story points, though you can adjust this to meet your team’s needs.

Capacity for Kanban teams

Kanban teams can only use time-based estimates.

For Kanban teams, work is broken down into iterations which each last one week. You can set the weekly capacity of a Kanban team in either days or hours, but the length of the iteration cannot be changed.

Last modified on Aug 27, 2021
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