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Embed your Advanced Roadmap plan in a Confluence page

Advanced Roadmaps is only available as part of Jira Software Cloud Premium and Enterprise.

Learn more about Advanced Roadmaps and how to get a free trial of Jira Software Cloud Premium

To embed an Advanced Roadmaps plan in a Confluence Cloud page:

  1. In Advanced Roadmaps, select Share as in the upper right corner of your plan, then choose Confluence.

  2. Use Generate link to create a link to your plan.

  3. Navigate to the Confluence page to which you’d like to add your plan, and add the Advanced Roadmaps Confluence macro by either:

    1. typing '/' (in the new Confluence Cloud editor) or '{' (in the classic editor) to bring up the macro shortcuts menu, and search for Advanced Roadmaps plan.

    2. open the macro menu (+), then select Advanced Roadmaps plan.

  4. Paste the generated link from step 2 in the URL field.

  5. Choose the height in pixels you'd like the plan to display on the Confluence page.

  6. Select Insert.

We recommend a minimum height of 700px for an effective viewing experience.

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