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What are releases in Advanced Roadmaps?

Releases in Advanced Roadmaps are referred to as Fix versions in Jira Software.

Releases in Advanced Roadmaps essentially function as large target deadlines for sections or versions of your work. Once you create a release, you can track the progress of one or multiple teams against your target dates on your timeline.

Advanced Roadmaps uses two different types of releases: single-project and cross-project. As the name implies, a single-project release is tied to one project, while a cross-project release aligns the dates of multiple projects. Read more about the differences between these two on the How do single-project and cross-project releases differ? page.

Viewing and managing releases is all done in the Releases view which can be found in the view selector menu next to your plan name. This list will include any set releases (or fix versions) that you've created in Jira Software in your plan.

To start creating releases, see the Create a single-project release in Advanced Roadmaps and Create a cross-project release in Advanced Roadmaps pages.


Last modified on Aug 10, 2021
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