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Schedule work for scrum teams on your timeline

This page refers to the timeline view in Jira and not your plan, the cross-project planning tool only available as part of Jira Cloud Premium and Enterprise.

Unless otherwise noted, the timeline view in Jira is the same for both company-managed and team-managed projects.


For scrum teams, you can choose to schedule child issues on your timeline according to the sprint to which they’re assigned or using their start and end dates. Learn how to change which dates your timeline shows child issues.

If you choose to schedule them according to sprint dates, the schedule bars align with the sprints at the top of your timeline.

If you choose to show them using start and end dates, their scheduling bars align with dates at the top of the timeline.

What you'll see when you roll up dates in your project roadmap in Jira Software Cloud

Before you can use schedule issues by sprint, you first need to create sprints on the board associated with the timeline; you can’t create new sprints from the timeline view. Once created, the sprints appear at the top of your roadmap in chronological order, as shown above.

To schedule scrum child issues according to sprint dates on your timeline:

  1. In your project, ensure that you’ve created sprints and assigned them dates. Once you’ve done this, they’ll automatically show on your timeline. Learn how to make sprints.

  2. Hover over the timeline section based on when you’d like to schedule the issue. Faint blue drop zones will appear on the timeline, each corresponding to a sprint. If you have overlapping sprints, the issue will be assigned to the one that begins first.

  3. Place the schedule bar in a blue drop zone, and Jira assigns the issue to that sprint.

To schedule scrum child issues according to start and end dates on your timeline, drag and drop either end of a schedule bar to change its dates.

Change sprint assignment

There are multiple ways to change a an issue’s assigned sprint on your timeline:

  • Drag and drop the schedule bar to another sprint zone.

  • Select the schedule bar from the timeline to open the issue detail view, then change the sprint in the Sprint field.

  • Right-click on the child issue’s schedule bar to open the Change sprint menu, then select the parent issue to which you’d like to move it. You can also clear the sprint assignment from this menu.

Change your issue's sprint assignment from your roadmap view in Jira Software Cloud

Rearrange issues

To rearrange issues on your timeline view, simply drag and drop them into your desired locations. There are a couple of different reasons you might want to change your issue order:

  • you want to change an issue’s ranking relative to issues of the same type

  • you want to assign a child issue to a new parent

These changes in your timeline are saved to your Jira issues in real-time.

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