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Add and change sprints on the Program board in your plan

This page refers to the advanced planning features that are only available as part of Jira Cloud Premium and Enterprise.


When you create your Program board, it automatically creates six columns and assigns start and end dates to them each lasting two weeks based on the start date of your board. If your scrum teams use sprints, you can associate the columns to sprints, then schedule issues to them. How does the Program board schedule issues once I add sprints?

Because sprints are a scrum-only concept, only teams that use a scrum board as their issue source can plan using sprints.

To add a team's sprints to your Program board:

  1. Associate the teams on your board with a scrum board. How do I associate teams with issue sources?

  2. Select Add sprints next to the team’s name. In the modal that opens, choose which sprints belong to which columns on the board.

    1. When you add a team’s sprints to your board, you’ll need to add all sprints for that team at one time. You won’t be able to add three then come back later to add the rest. For this reason, we recommend creating all of a team’s sprints in their backlog to prepare for your planning session.

  3. Select Add when you’re done. Any issues already in a column will be assigned to the sprint.

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