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How do issue types differ based on project type?

Issue types distinguish different types of work in unique ways. They help you identify, categorize, and report on your team’s work across your Jira site. More about issue types.

In team-managed projects, issue types are the primary container for your work. An issue type defines a type of task by capturing relevant information in its unique fields. Jira bounds any custom fields you add to the project. You can't share them with other projects on your Jira site. Read about team-managed issue fields.

In company-managed projects, issue types act as labels that help sort and report on tasks. Issue types help Jira admins piece together other settings in mappings called "schemes". For example, Jira admins can map custom fields to a project's issues through an "issue screen scheme". Usually, Jira admins share these fields across many projects on your Jira site. More about issue screens.

Compare team-managed and company-managed projects.


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