The people you work with every day to achieve a shared goal is your team. You could be in a project team, a service team, a leadership team, a rapid-response team, or more.

A team is a collection of Atlassian accounts that form these real-world teams. Teams have members, a profile, work, and resources.

As a member of the team, your activity contributes to the team’s work section. The work section shows Jira tickets and Confluence pages that multiple team members have worked on.

The content a viewer can see will depend on the permissions granted at the content. For example, a viewer without access to a page the team has worked on will not be able to see the page listed here.

Teams you belong to are displayed on your personal profile and can be found at the bottom of your people directory. 

Teams are tied to users and not sites. This means that teams you are a part of will be visible to you on all the sites you work on.