What is an Atlassian team?

Atlassian products are designed to help teams work and collaborate to their full potential. Atlassian teams make it easier to communicate and collaborate across projects and platforms.

We continue to release more features and functionality to help improve the way you work on projects with your team.

Your team is the group of people you work with every day to achieve your project goals. This may be a project team, a service team, a leadership team, a rapid response team, or any other type of team. 

An Atlassian team is a collection of users that are part of your real-world team. Your team has members, a team profile, work, and team resources.

Why create an Atlassian team

Your Atlassian team lets you collaborate quickly and easily with your project team across most Atlassian products. With a team, you can:

  • Track recent work across several products on the team profile

  • Share important links and resources

  • Assign issues to a team in Jira and Jira Service Management

  • Assign ownership of components in Compass

  • Quickly choose collaborators in Atlas projects

  • Easily notify all members by @mention the team

Each team also has its own profile page that lets you stay up-to-date with team activity, view recent documents or issues that the team have worked on, display ops rotations from OpsGenie, and share team links to important resources.

How teams work

You can find Atlassian teams in your directory from the Teams menu. Teams you're a member of are also listed on your personal profile page.

Your team’s activity appears in the Worked on section of your team profile page. If two or more team members work on something together, those items will be listed.

Team members won’t see any documents or issues they don’t already have access to, so you don’t need to worry about sharing any sensitive information.


Atlassian teams are only visible to people with accounts in the same organization.

What is an organization?


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