Visibility of Atlassian teams information

Atlassian teams are only visible to people with accounts in the same organization.

What is an organization?

When you’re done creating a new Atlassian team in Jira or Confluence, everyone in your organization will have access to view information in your team profile.

This includes:

  • TeamID

  • Team membership

  • Team description

  • Team profile cards

  • Team profile page

People in your organization can:

  • see if your team is included in @mentions

  • assign issues to your team

  • find your team in search results

Users outside your organization may see your team name if the project or document is set for anyone to access.

For users outside of your organisation, we will only be exposing your team name.

Users with access only to open sites can't use Atlassian teams

Some Atlassian sites are configured as ‘open sites’, meaning anyone on the internet can join and work with your projects or pages without admin approval. For some customers, we found that this may be caused by an unintentional misconfiguration. 

We recommend configuring your site settings so that it's not open to anyone on the internet without admin approval.

If you intentionally make your site open, people who join without admin approval will not be able to use Atlassian teams.

We disabled teams on open sites to prevent the potential security risks of leaking information about users and internal teams in the whole organization to anyone on the internet.

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