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Release a version

It's time to turn your team's hard work into a software release. By this stage, you should be confident that your version is ready to be released. You can use the release page in Jira to check that all the issues in your version are complete. If you’ve integrated a CI/CD tool with your Jira site, you can also use the release page to verify that:

  • code is checked in, reviewed, and merged

  • builds are passing

  • issues have been deployed to the correct environment

  • you’ve addressed any warnings

Learn more about using the release page to check the progress of a version.

Release your version in Jira Software

You must have project administrator permissions to release a version. Learn more about managing project permissions.

Releasing a version in Jira Software is just a matter of marking the version as released.

  1. Go to the project that your version is in, and then click Releases > your desired version.

  2. On the release page for your version, click the Release button. The release dialog will be displayed.

  3. Enter the details for the release, then click the Release button.

If there are unresolved issues, you can choose to ignore these issues and proceed with the release, or move them to a later version.

Releasing via a Kanban board in a company-managed project

In a Kanban project, releasing a version via the board will release all issues in that version that are 'Done' (i.e. in the right-most column of the board).

  1. Go to the project that your version is in.

  2. Click Kanban board.

  3. Click the Release menu to view a list of your project’s unreleased versions. The list will only include versions that have been assigned to the issues in the ‘Done’ column on your board. If there are no versions assigned to these issues, you can choose to release the issues to a new version.

  4. Select the version you want to release. The release dialog will be displayed.

  5. Enter the details for the release, then click Release.

Issues will disappear from the board once all their fix versions have been released.

Need help? If you can't find the answer you need in our documentation, we have other resources available to help you. Get help with Jira Software Cloud.

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