To find a project, click the Jira icon ( or ) > Projects.

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Projects you've viewed recently are also listed under Recent projects in search .

When you select a project to view for the first time, you'll see the Summary page. If you've viewed the project before, you'll be taken to the last screen you visited in it.

If you're not on the Summary page already, click Summary in the project sidebar to see it. The Summary page shows project information, activity, and statistics.

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Click the project name in the sidebar to quickly switch to another project you've been working on recently.

The project sidebar also gives you access to the following:

  • Board – Shows the board for the project, where you can view, update, and transition issues.
  • Issues – Takes you to the issue navigator, which shows a list or detailed view of issues in your project.
  • Reports – Shows reports on statistics for particular people, versions, issues or other fields within issues.
  • Components* – Shows a summary of all components for a given project.
  • Versions* – Shows a snapshot of all versions within a project, and can be filtered by released and unreleased.

* Versions and Components only appear if a project admin has created versions or components within the project.

  • Project shortcuts – Can be added to your project sidebar. Shortcuts can link to any online resources your team needs. They're available to everyone who has access to the project.