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Integrate with development tools

Connecting Jira Software to supported development tools like Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, and others, allows you to view your team’s development activity in Jira, helping you keep track of work without needing to switch between tools. Depending on which tools you have connected, Jira shows linked branches, commits, pull requests, builds, deployments, and feature flags.

View the development panel on issues

The development panel is shown on the issue view in Jira Software. It summarizes the following development activities: 

  • Branches - linked automatically if the issue key is included in the branch name.

  • Commits - linked automatically if the issue key is included in the commit message.

  • Pull requests - linked automatically if the issue key is included in the pull request title or in the source branch name.

  • Reviews - linked automatically if the issue key is included in the title of the review, or if the issue is linked from the review.

  • Builds - linked automatically if the issue key is included in the commit message or the branch name.

  • Deployments - linked if a commit associated with the deploy contains the issue key in its commit message.

 Learn more about viewing development information for an issue.

View development information on the Jira board

Issue cards on your Jira board will display development icons to indicate when they have pull requests, branches, commits, or deployments associated with them, so you can see at a glance how work is progressing. You can hover over the icons to view the details of the development activity, and click through to go to your connected development tool. Development icons will be displayed on your board as long as one or more issues on your board has development data linked to it and your board contains less than 100 issues.

View linked repositories and pull requests on the Code page

Once you connect your tools to Jira and start including issue keys in development actions, the Code page will show all the repositories related to your Jira project. If you include issue keys in pull request titles, you’ll also see all the pull requests that have been linked to issues in your project within the last 30 days (or pull requests that have been linked previously but were updated within the last 30 days).

The Code page does not support development tools integrated using Applinks or DVCS.

Use workflow triggers to automate tasks

Workflow triggers can help keep Jira Software issues synchronized with the information in your development tools.

Instead of relying on developers to manually update the status of an issue after creating branches, committing code, completing reviews, or merging pull requests, you can configure triggers in your workflow to automatically transition issues when these events occur in your development tools. For example, you could configure a trigger to automatically transition an issue from 'To Do' to 'In Progress' when a branch is created.

Learn more about configuring workflow triggers

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