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Integrate your deployments with Jira

Integrating a deployment tool with your Jira project allows you to track your team’s work as it moves through the deployment pipeline. This gives the whole team visibility into what work items have been deployed and what environment they’ve been deployed to.

  • Track the deployment status of work on your team’s Jira issues and the board.

  • Get visibility into what issues have been deployed at a given point in time via the deployments timeline.

  • View deployment insights to track your team’s performance over time and identify bottlenecks.

  • Use automations to reduce admin tasks and “busywork” for your team (for example, updating an issue’s status once it’s deployed successfully).

  • For teams following DevOps practices like CI/CD, integrating your deployments with Jira provides a consolidated timeline view of all your automated deployments. This makes it easier to fix release issues as you can quickly see which features have deployed to which environment.

Once you set up your deployment integration, Jira will show deployment information in the following places:

  • Jira issues update automatically to show deployment status and environment details in the development panel and on your Jira board.

  • The deployments timeline shows all the deployments linked to your issues.

  • The insights panel on the Deployments page shows your deployment frequency and cycle time.

  • If you’re using releases and versions to organize your work in Jira, the releases feature will show deployment information for all the issues in your version. This can help you decide if you’re ready to release a version.

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