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Manage issue screens

As a Jira administrator, you can use screens to group all available Jira application fields and control which fields are displayed to your team at different stages of your workflow (like when creating, editing, or resolving an issue).

To configure the layout of the new Jira issue view—which fields appear and the order they appear in—open an issue and choose Configure at the bottom-right. To find out more about configuring the issue layout, check out Configure field layout in the issue view.

In order for your users to see the right fields at the right time, you'll want to review your field configurations and project permissions to ensure that: 

  1. The correct fields are present on screens associated with each issue operation.

  2. Relevant fields are not hidden as part of the project's field configuration scheme.

  3. Users have permission to edit relevant fields (e.g. the Due Date field can only be edited by users with the Schedule Issues project permission).

This page discusses how to configure the look and feel of screens in your project - how fields are presented in each screen, their order, if they appear on a tab, and so on. But, the look and feel of the fields themselves - what options are available, their default values, and how they appear in certain contexts - are configured separately. To change the look and feel of individual fields, see issue custom fields.

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