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Use dashboard gadgets


About gadgets

Gadgets display summaries of Jira project and issue data on the dashboard. You can customize gadgets to display project and issue details relevant to particular users. 

Pre-installed gadgets

Jira provides a set of standard gadgets out-of-the-box:



Activity Stream Gadget

Displays a summary of your recent activity.

Assigned To Me Gadget

Displays all open issues in all projects assigned to the user who views the dashboard.

Average Age Gadget

Displays a bar chart of the average number of days that issues have been unresolved.

Average Time in Status

Displays the average number of days issues have spent in status.

Average Number of Times in Status

Displays the average number of times issues have been in a status.

Bubble Chart

Visually identifies popular and significant issues by displaying data in four dimensions.

Created vs Resolved Gadget

Displays a difference chart of the issues created vs resolved over a given period.

Days Remaining in Sprint Gadget

Displays days remaining in a sprint.

Filter Results Gadget

Displays the results of an issue filter.

Introduction Gadget

Displays a configurable introduction message on the dashboard.

Issue Calendar Gadget *

Shows issues and versions in a calendar format based on their due date. Calendars can be based on an issue filter or on a project.

Issue Statistics Gadget

Displays the collection of issues returned from a filter, broken down by a field.

Issues in Progress Gadget

Displays all issues that are in progress and assigned to the user viewing the dashboard.

Labels Gadget

Displays all Jira issue labels associated with a project.

Pie Chart Gadget

Displays issues from a project or issue filter, grouped by a statistic type, in pie-chart format. Issues can be grouped by any statistic type (e.g. Status, Priority, Assignee, etc).

Projects Gadget

Display information and filters related to a project(s).

Quick Links Gadget

Displays useful links to issues associated with the current user.

Recently Created Issues Gadget

Displays a bar chart of the rate at which issues are created, as well as how many of those issues are resolved.

Resolution Time Gadget

Displays a bar chart of the average resolution time (in days) of resolved issues.

Road Map Gadget

Shows versions which are due for release within a specified period of time, and a summary of progress made towards completing the issues in those versions.

Service Project Report

Displays a custom or knowledge base report from a service project.

Sprint Health Gadget

Visual snapshot of the health of a sprint.

Sprint Burndown Gadget

Sprint burndown chart to track remaining work.

Time Since Issues Gadget

Displays a bar chart of the number of issues that something has happened to within a given time period. The 'something has happened' is based on a date field that you choose, such as 'Created', 'Updated', 'Due', 'Resolved' or a custom field.

Time to First Response Chart

Displays the number of hours taken to respond to issues for a project or filter.

Two Dimensional Filter Statistics Gadget

Displays tabular data based on a filter.

Voted Issues Gadget

Shows issues for which you have voted.

Wallboard Spacer Gadget

Used to add a space between other gadgets.

Watched Issues Gadget

Shows issues you are watching.

*This gadget is only available if you have installed/configured the relevant plugin.

Extension gadgets

Other gadgets are available as plugins on the Atlassian Marketplace. To use these plugins, install and enable them.

Create new gadgets

You can create new gadgets by writing an XML descriptor file, packaged as an Atlassian plugin. See Developing Gadgets for more information.

Additional Help