Configure a project's board

There's a direct correlation between your project's workflow and the column order on your board. As a Jira Work Management admin, you can drag the columns into any order you like without affecting the issue workflow.

This page covers Jira Work Management boards. For Jira Software boards, take a look at:

To move board columns:

  1. Click and hold on the column header

  2. Drag the column to its new location

To add or rename columns, edit the project's workflow.

A Jira Work Management business project board with Jira issues.

Error when moving board columns

If you have unsaved draft workflows, you may get an error message when you try to move board columns. To fix this:

  1. Choose the Jira icon ( or ) > Jira settings.

  2. Choose Issues > Workflows.

  3. Find the board workflow for the project and click Edit.

  4. Save or Discard the unsaved draft.

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