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How can I use components to manage default assignees?

A component can be used to override any project-wide default assignees. Learn other ways to use default assignees.

If your project's team changes frequently, you can set the default assignee for all issues using a component to be a person in your organization who holds a specific role. This can future-proof your project in the case that someone leaves or hands work off to a new person.

You can choose any of the following roles to be the default assignee when working with components:

  • Project default - assign the issue to the same person as the project's default assignee. Learn more about project default assignees.

  • Project lead - assign the issue to “project's lead”. Learn more about project leads.

  • Component lead - assign the issue to “component's lead”.

  • Unassigned - if your site allows unassigned issues and someone creates an issue with this component, the issue will remain unassigned.

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