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We're getting ready to release improved navigation for Jira Cloud. Find out more about what's coming soon.

On top of the navigation and search changes, we're introducing several improvements for boards, to make them easier to locate and streamline your Jira experience.

We redesigned the relationship between boards and projects. Now, boards belong to projects, so you can better manage multiple work streams in Jira Software.

Locations for boards

To simplify this change, we have automatically moved your boards into their most relevant project.

If you own boards independent of projects, we have moved them into a new Your boards page. To find these boards, select your avatar and choose Your boards.

To change a board's location:

  1. From the board, choose ••• > Board settings.
  2. Under General, select the Location field and choose a new location.

When you create a new board, you can choose a project as its location or make it a personal board. 

Projects and boards play as a team

Previously, there were global boards that contained work from multiple projects. 

Since boards now have their own location, the sidebar displays options relating to the project that contains the board. Even if your board contains issues from several projects, the sidebar remains project-centric, giving you quick navigation to the work related to your project and board.