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Create a connected project in Jira

Connected projects enable software teams to automatically set up and configure Jira projects to both Atlassian and third-party tools. This means you can link data across your entire toolchain so your team can access everything in one place instead of constantly switching between tools.

Currently, this feature supports Confluence, Opsgenie, Bitbucket, Github, and Gitlab. Support for additional third-party tools is coming soon!

Before you begin

Many of the tasks involved, including integrating tools with a site, creating a new project, and connecting tools to a project can only be performed by Jira admins.

Connect your toolchain

In order to connect Atlassian or third-party tools to a Jira project, they must already be installed and integrated with the site. You can view or modify connected tools at any time through Apps > Manage apps via the global navigation.

For more information on integrations, see the following:

Create a project

Create a project and select the “Connect work across your tools” option.

If you choose this option, we’ll default you to create connected projects in the future. This adds an extra step in the project-creation flow where you can easily link work from your connected tools to your new project. You can always skip this and finish linking in Project settings.

Connect your work

Next, you’ll see a checklist of all the available tools connected to your Jira site.

Select the tools you want to connect to your project. By default, we'll create and connect new containers (e.g., repositories or spaces) for each tool with the same name as your project.

Currently, you can link multiple repositories from Bitbucket, Github, or Gitlab, but you can only link one Confluence space and Opsgenie team.

Access connected tools

Your team can view work and easily navigate to connected tools via the following tabs of the project navigation (located on the left-side of the window):

  • Repositories in the Code tab

  • CI/CD pipelines in the Deployments tab

  • Documents in the Pages tab

  • On-call schedules in the On-call tab

Currently, the On-call feature is only available in team-managed projects.

As an admin, you'll also be able to add, modify, or remove linked work through their respective tabs.

Additional Help