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What are components?

Components are subsections of a project. They are used to group issues within a project into smaller sets. For example, teams may use components to group issues that describe work on specific data objects, services, plug-ins, or APIs within their project.

You can tell Jira Software to override the project's default assignee when using a certain component. Learn more about default assignees in components.

Components are a core feature in Jira Software and are enabled by default.

You must have the project administrator role in your project to do the things described on this page. Learn more about project roles in company-managed projects.

The Componentspage shows a list of components and each component's details, including:

  • Name

  • Description

  • Lead

  • Default assignee

  • Associated issues

You can add, edit or delete components from theComponents page in your project.

Learn more about creating components.

Learn more about editing or deleting components.

You can also search using this component as part of your JQL. Learn how to use JQL to search for issues.

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