Manage dependencies between epics on the roadmap

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Your team might have one epic that's blocking the progress of another, or two epics that impact one another. The roadmap helps you visualize the dependencies between epics.

Issue linking is activated by default. If your issue linking is OFF, a Jira admin can enable it. Once it's active, you can link between issues to create dependencies.

The issue linking screen in board settings. A large, green ON indicates issue linking is currently on.

To capture dependencies, the roadmap relies on a specific issue link type called Blocks. The link type is required, however, it can be renamed to suit your team. If the link type is deleted, the roadmap will create another in its place.

There are two ways to visualize dependencies on your roadmap.

Directly on your roadmap:

  1. Hover over an epic to reveal dots on either side of an epic. 

  2. Drag one of the dots to the epic you want to link to. 

A mouse cursor hovers on an epic in the roadmap to display the start and end dates, and two dots.

From the epic issue detail view:

  1. Select an epic on the roadmap.

  2. Select Link issue.

  3. Select either blocks or is blocked by, then select the epic to link.

View details of linked dependencies

Select the dependency line or the link icon on an epic to get a detailed view of the linked epics.

Select a dependency line on your roadmap to see details about how each epic impacts one another.

If one of your epics is scheduled to start before a dependent epic is due to finish, the dependency link turns red. This signals the potential for delay or risk.

A cropped epic in a roadmap displays the epics "Website rebuild" connected by a red line (blocks) to "Global rebrand".

Remove dependencies

To remove a dependency between two epics, select Unlink issue or delete the issue link in the issue detail view.

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