The following information only applies to next-gen projects

If you're unsure what type project you need help with, check the bottom of your project sidebar. If you see the Give feedback and Learn more menu items, you're in a next-gen project. If you don't, you're in a classic project.

You can link your Bitbucket repo with your next-gen Software project to see your project's developer status on the board, without having to leave Jira Software Cloud.

Link your Bitbucket repository to your next-gen Software project

  1. Navigate to your next-gen Software project.
  2. In the sidebar, click Add item, then click Add next to Repository.
  3. Enter the link to your Bitbucket repository, and type a name for the repo. This name doesn't have to match the repo's name in Bitbucket – it's just so Jira Software knows what to call the repo in your project menu.
  4. If your Jira Cloud site hasn't yet been integrated with Bitbucket, you'll be asked to set up the link. (If you've already done this in another project, you won't need to.)

Track developer status on your issues

You can track the status of development work in Jira by creating a branch from your Jira issue. 

  1. Open an issue on your next-gen board.
  2. Under Development, select Create branch.

See developer status on your next-gen board

Once you've linked your next-gen board and your repository, you'll see icons on your cards to show the status of each issue. Hover over these icons to see more information.

Note: We can only show developer status on your cards if your board has less than 100 issues.