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Monitor with Opsgenie

To demonstrate how to develop, deploy, and manage applications using Jira Software and various connected tools, our team created ImageLabeller, a simple demo application built on AWS that uses machine learning to apply labels to images.

This page covers how to monitor ImageLabeller with Opsgenie. Before you begin, we recommend reading the ImageLabeller architecture page for context.

Monitor with Opsgenie

It is essential to monitor your application after it is deployed. This guide demonstrates how to set up monitoring using a combination of Opsgenie, and AWS CloudWatch.

Go to Opsgenie, and click Teams.

screenshot of opsgenie quickstart guide

An Opsgenie team already exists. It was generated automatically when you created your connected project in Jira. Click on the team.

screenshot of opsgenie team "ImageLabeller"

From the team menu, click Integrations.

screenshot of opsgenie integrations

Click Add integration.

screenshot of adding opsgenie integration

Search for CloudWatch and choose AWS CloudWatch.

screenshot of adding aws integration in opsgenie

Click Add.

screenshot of aws monitoring integration in opsgenie

This will set up a default integration with AWS CloudWatch. It is important to grab the subscription endpoint URL. You need to add this to your AWS CloudFormation template when you define an alarm.

screenshot of instructions to configure monitoring for AWS in opsgenie

Scroll down and click Save integration once you’ve copied the subscription endpoint URL.

screenshot of saving AWS integration in opsgenie

Slack Integration

Go to Opsgenie, click Teams, then Integrations, and click Add integration.

screenshot of add integration button in opsgenie

Search for Slack, and choose Slack, the click Add.

screenshot of searching for slack integration in opsgenie

Click Add to Slack.

screenshot of slack integration page in opsgenie

Scroll down, and choose the Slack channel you want alerts to appear in.

screenshot of slack integration authentication modal in opsgenie

Scroll down, and adjust the Alert actions to fit your needs. The integration below is set to update Slack when an alert is Created, Acknowledged, Closed, or Deleted. Click Save Integration to proceed.

screenshot of saving slack integration in opsgenie

Nice work. The next step is to set up AWS CloudWatch alarms with either Bitbucket, Github, or GitlabChoose your adventure!


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