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Subscribe to email notifications

Watch pages, blog posts, and spaces, and Confluence will notify you via email whenever a teammate adds or updates content on that page or space. Notification emails are immediate, but changes within a 10-minute window will be batched into a single email in order to reduce inbox clutter.

You can also subscribe to daily and weekly Confluence updates and recommendations, described below.

If your Confluence administrator has turned off email and push notifications, you won’t be able to override this choice. You’ll be informed of this if you try to turn on these notifications.

Email notifications

Elect to be notified when:

  • Content you’re watching is changed

  • A blog post is added or changed in a space

  • When you complete actions, like commenting, editing, or creating, within Confluence

Subscribe to:

  • A daily digest of all updates in all spaces that you have permission to view

  • A weekly list of recommended content that’s relevant to your spaces

Regarding weekly recommendation emails: All users (including guests) will only be recommended content they have permission to view.

Edit your personal email notification settings

Right panel of Confluence with the "Personal settings" option highlighted
  1. Select your profile picture in the top-right of the navigation

  2. Select Personal settings

  3. Select Email in the left panel

  4. Select Edit

  5. Check or uncheck boxes to set which emails you’d like to receive

  6. Select Submit

Personal settings tab of Confluence email settings, with many options to select/deselect

Access the email setting page from an email

Footer of Confluence email
  1. If available, select the Update your email settings or Unsubscribe link, located in the footer of the email

  2. Select Edit

  3. Check or uncheck boxes to set which emails you’d like to receive

  4. Select Submit

All email settings

Here’s a reference chart of all the email settings, what they do, and how to manage them.

If you aren’t watching any content or spaces, selecting any of the options below will not change your notifications.


Setting type


Content you’ll be notified about


Selecting this option will automatically add you as a watcher to each page or post that you create, edit, or comment on. As a watcher on a piece of content, you’ll receive notifications of all future changes.

Pages and blog posts that you create, edit, or comment on

All blog posts

You’ll receive an email when any blog post is created that you have permission to view, even if it’s in a space you’re not watching. You won’t receive emails for comments or edits to the blogs.

New blog posts that you have permission to view

Notify on my actions

You’ll receive email notifications on actions you take within Confluence.

All pages and spaces that you're watching

Subscribe to

Setting type


Content you’ll be notified about

Recommended updates

A weekly list of recommended and popular content, relevant to the spaces that you have access to.

Site admins: to turn this notification off for an entire instance, please contact support.

Pages, blog posts, and whiteboards that have been created in your organization

Daily Digest

Customizable daily email with an overview of updates and activity regarding the pages and spaces you’re watching.

Daily Digest doesn't include information about attachments on a page or blog post that are added, edited or deleted.

Customizable, can include updates on:

  • Comments and reactions

  • New blogs

  • New pages

  • New whiteboards

  • Page updates

Real-time updates

Customizable notifications in real time on topics of your choice.

  • New users or guests joining Confluence (admin only)

  • Public links (admin only)

  • Mentions

  • Tasks

  • Changes to content you’re watching

  • Changes to content you own

Note for admins

Confluence administrators can turn email and push notifications on or off for their instance. Select the settings icon in the top-right corner to open Confluence administration. Then find Settings > Configuration and select Further configuration. Select Edit to make changes.

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