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Transfer ownership of a page from one user to another

When a page is created in Confluence, the person who creates it becomes the owner of the page. However, ownership of a page doesn’t have to be permanent. Page owners can transfer ownership of their page to another person at any time. Space and Confluence admins can also transfer page ownership from one user to another.

That way, if a current page owner leaves a project, team, or company, ownership of the page can then be granted to whomever is most appropriate, and maintenance and validity of the page remains fresh.

A page owner is the ‘point person’ for a given page and their name appears in the byline, under the page title. They are subject to the same permissions rules as page creators.

It is not currently possible to transfer ownership of space overview pages.

To transfer ownership of a page:

As an admin, you can transfer ownership of a page from one person to another person by selecting the menu in the page byline. You can also review ownership and creator history for any page via this menu.

An image of menu that is entry point to managing page ownership


  1. To get started, select Change owner when the modal appears.

Image of modal where you can select to change page owner

You can also transfer page ownership by selecting Change page owner from the menu within the top-right toolbar.

An image of the change page owner item in the more options menu on the toolbar

2. Use the search field to browse for a new owner by name or email. Recent page collaborators will auto-populate first. Once you’ve selected the correct person, select Change owner.

An image of the page ownership transfer modal where you can choose a new page owner
An image of the page ownership transfer modal where a new owner can be chosen

In order to transfer page ownership to someone, they need to have edit access to the page in question, as well as access to the space it resides within.

3. Review the selection you’ve made and select Continue if you’re ready to complete the transfer, or Cancel if you’re not.

An image of the confirmation modal for transferring page ownership

4. Success! Now that you’ve transferred ownership of the page, the previous owner will retain edit access to it and remain a page “watcher”, unless subject to change. However, they’ll no longer be able to make further transfers of ownership for this page, unless they are once again granted ownership of it.


Users will receive notifications within Confluence and via email if:

  • a previous owner or admin transfers page ownership to them

  • an admin transfers ownership of a page from them to someone else

Currently, these notifications cannot be turned off.

Page ownership cannot currently be transferred using the Confluence mobile app.

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