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Use Trello and Confluence together

Trello is all about collaboration— just like Confluence. Use Trello for projects, ideas, stories, and organizing your work into cards that can be moved between lists.  In one glance, Trello tells you what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process.

Using Trello and Confluence together lets you use those pieces to illustrate a bigger story, plan, or project. Use Confluence to create and plan your vision, then use Trello to work out and action the details.

Add Trello cards or boards to Confluence pages

Confluence is where you build your vision. Trello lets you break that up into small bite-sized tasks and organize it. Do them together by embedding your Trello cards and boards into Confluence. 

Copy and paste the URL of your Trello card onto a Confluence page and watch it change into an inline link showing the name of the card or board and, for cards, the name of the list it belongs to. Need a little more information? Hover over an inline Trello link on a Confluence page to view more details. Clicking the link will take you into Trello, where you can edit the card as usual.

Need to show more than just the title? Hover over the link while editing your page and select the card view. This will show the same details available in the hover view, plus more. You can also click Preview to view and edit your Trello content directly from Confluence.

Work on tasks

Keep all your related materials and files in Confluence, and embed the corresponding Trello cards onto each page. Then when you make any progress, just comment on the Trello card from within Confluence.

Plan a project in Confluence

Add a link to your Trello board to the project planning page so your team and other stakeholders can follow your progress.

Respects permissions

Before you can see a card or board, you'll be asked to sign in to Trello. Any content you don't have permission to see will display a note letting you know that you don't have the necessary access to view it yet. 

Trello embeds

You can also add fully interactive Trello boards and cards on your Confluence page. Insert the Trello URL into your Confluence page, and then hover over the link and select Embed.

This will display a fully functional Trello board or card on your Confluence page. Move cards from one list to another from the board view, add or edit details, and do everything else you'd usually do on a Trello board or card, from within Confluence.

Manage your work across multiple teams or projects

Get an overview of all your teams' work by embedding each of their Trello boards onto a single Confluence page. Great for when you just need a quick check-in on everyone's progress.

Brainstorm and share ideas

Use Confluence to detail a problem and constraints, then use Trello to brainstorm possible solutions.

Updates in real time

Any changes made by you, or anyone else, from either Trello or Confluence, are immediately visible. 

If you want to display your Trello board links in the embed view by default, you can set that up on your link preferences page by following these steps:

  1. In the section Exceptions for specific domains, enter trello.com/b/.

  2. Select Display Embed from the dropdown menu.

  3. Select Submit.

Add Confluence pages to Trello cards

Integrations go two ways! Using the Confluence Power-Upfor Trello, you can:

  • Attach Confluence Cloud pages to Trello cards and get from your board to your drilled-down content in a single click.

  • Create new Confluence Cloud pages directly from Trello cards.

  • See all the activity on your page, who created a page and when it was created, including a snippet and the number of comments on the page, right from the card back.

Share the vision in Confluence. Sweat the details in Trello.

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