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Administer questions

Administrators can really help get a Q&A community up and running. Users who have the Confluence Administrator global permission also have permissions to administer Questions. 

See Permissions to find out how to grant access to anonymous users, restrict access to Questions to specific users and groups, or grant experts some administration functions.

The global questions space

When you install Questions for Confluence Cloud, a global questions space—called "Questions" by default—is created to store questions that are site-wide and therefore don't belong to a specific space. Deleting this space will permanently delete your Questions data. Don't delete it unless you plan to uninstall Questions and you're sure you won't be using it again.

Manage topics

Topics are added as users ask questions, but administrators can also add, edit and delete topics. This is very useful when first establishing your Q&A community. 

From the Topics tab, administrators can:

  • Add new topics (without asking a question)

  • Add a description and icon for existing topics

  • Delete topics that have no questions

SEO Support

If your Questions instance is public-facing there are a number of things you can do to help with search engine optimization (SEO).  

Go to Settings in the Confluence sidebar and choose Questions Customization to:

  • Customize the title to appear in search results and browser tab when a user visits the Questions dashboard.

  • Add a description to appear in search engine results for the Questions dashboard.

Additional Help