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Bring all your work into Confluence

Reduce overwhelm and improve productivity by bringing all your work to one place. Instead of switching between products, centralize in Confluence using Smart Links in the content tree.

Smart Links in Confluence (and in other Atlassian products) already provide rich display options for links within pages and other content. Smart Links in the content tree take it a step further by letting you add these links directly to your content tree, so you can organize and access work from all your products in your space.

There are two ways to add a Smart Link to the content tree.

  • Select Create in the main navigation, then Smart Link. This will create in the space you are currently in or will default to your personal space/whichever space you have edit permissions.

  • Select in the Content section of the space sidebar, then Smart Link. This will create the Smart Link in the content tree directly where you want it.

After selecting Smart Link, you’ll be prompted for a URL. Select Add Smart Link to finish.

Add a Smart Link to the content tree via Create or in space sidebar.

If you don’t add a link, you will see an untitled Smart Link in the content tree until you finish adding the URL or archive/delete it.

Assuming you have all necessary permissions for the linked content, some Smart Links will have expanded functionality directly in Confluence (for example, playing a video or adding to a document). The degree of interaction within Confluence may vary depending on the source product and other factors.

Not every URL can fully display within Confluence. Some products will only show a preview of the content and relevant metadata.

Once you’ve added your link, you can rename it, star it for easy reference, share with teammates, or open the link in a new tab. You can also make a copy of the link, move it somewhere else, or (if you don’t need it anymore) archive/delete it.

Once added, you can rename, star, and share your link.

When you add a Smart Link to the content tree, the link you’ve added inherits the default permissions of the object above it (or, generally, the space where you’ve placed it).

You can’t set additional restrictions on a Smart Link within Confluence. However, permissions on the added link might affect who can engage with the content.

Viewing something via a Smart Link in Confluence doesn’t imply permissions to interact with the content in the source product. What data is sent and received when pasting a Smart Link?

For example, if you add a link to a Google Sheets spreadsheet in a space that anyone can view, but under a whiteboard that only a handful of people can view, the spreadsheet would inherit the same restrictions as the whiteboard. And, if there were limits within the spreadsheet itself of who could edit it, some of your teammates might be able to view the spreadsheet linked in Confluence, but not be able to modify it without the permissions being updated in the source application.

You may start off with one link that made sense to bring into Confluence and later discover you need another one entirely. Instead of archiving the link in your content tree (which could potentially impact other pieces of work), you can just replace the referenced link with a new one.

  1. Select Replace link from the More actions () menu.

  2. Type or paste the URL you want.

  3. Select Replace.

Update the referenced URL for a Smart Link in the content tree by selecting "Replace link"

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