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Manage watchers

If you’re a space admin, you may want to manage who's notified about changes and updates to pages and blog posts within a space. You'll do this by adding or removing the watchers of specific pages, blog posts, or the entire space.

For example, a new team member needs to know when changes are made in the team space. You can add them as a space watcher, so they get notifications when any page or blog post is changed in the space. Or, you may have a team member who needs to know about updates to a specific page only. You can add them as a watcher of that page. If someone no longer needs to be notified, you can remove them as a watcher. (Though they may choose to watch the page or space again later.)

To manage watchers:

You can only manage the watchers of a space — and the pages or blogs within it — if you're an admin of that space. (For example, your personal space.)

If you don’t see the option to Manage watchers, you don’t have Admin permission for that particular space.

  1. Go to a page or blog post in the space where you'd like to add or remove watchers.

  2. Select > Manage Watchers.

  3. Specify which list of watchers you’d like to manage:

    1. Select Page to manage watchers of that page or blog post

    2. Select Space to manage watchers of the current space

  4. To add a watcher, type a name in the Add watchers field.

  5. To remove a watcher, select Remove next to their name in the list.

Adding or removing someone as a watcher will not prevent them from using the Watch feature for that particular page or space in the future.


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