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Confluence navigation

Great content that you can’t find might as well not exist. We totally understand that it's our job to give you the tools to find the content you need.

From the navigation, you'll find clearly labeled buttons and menus to help you find and do the things you need to.

Confluence Cloud Navigation bar with labels
  1. App switcher — Switch to other Atlassian Cloud apps, like Jira.

  2. Confluence logo and name — Select to go to the Confluence Home page.

  3. Home — Begin your Confluence journey and reorient yourself when you’re moving on to a new piece of work by easily accessing the spaces, pages, and updates that are important to you in one place. Learn more

  4. Recent — Access items you’ve recently visited and worked on as well as drafts or starred items.

    1. Visited — Pages, blogs, and whiteboards you have viewed, including those that you’ve edited and commented on

    2. Worked on — Pages, blogs, and whiteboards you created, edited, and commented on; this includes drafts

    3. Starred — Pages, blogs, and whiteboards you starred so that you can easily get back to them without searching or using browser bookmarks

    4. Drafts — Pages and blogs you created and closed without publishing

  5. Spaces — Get to spaces you’ve recently visited and starred.

  6. People — See and get to the people and teams you work with most. You have the ability to create new teams from the menu and get to a directory of all people and teams.

  7. Apps — Access content from apps like Calendars for Confluence, or Questions for Confluence; Confluence Premium features like Analytics are also available here.

  8. Create — Select to create a new page or whiteboard, either blank or from a template.

  9. Search — Find pages, spaces, and other content.

  10. Notifications — Find out what's happening in spaces and items you watch in Confluence and activity like replies, mentions, and task assignments.

  11. Help — Get online help, and find out what's new in your Atlassian Cloud apps.

  12. Your profile and settings — Go to or create your personal space, adjust your Confluence settings, or provide feedback about your Confluence experience.

When you add a page comment or an inline comment, those actions result in a page showing up in your Visited and Worked on lists.

Custom color schemes and site homepage

These settings are only available to product and space admins.

If you customized your Confluence site to use a custom color scheme or if you chose to use a certain Space overview page as your site homepage, you may want more information about what the recent navigation changes mean for your site.

  • Custom site homepages and the Confluence Home page can coexist. Learn more

  • To help your users clearly understand the intent of the navigation items, we recommend that you modify the name of your custom home page to reflect that it is your site’s home page and not the product’s home page.

  • You can install Confluence site and space themes. Learn more

  • You can use custom site and space logos. Learn more

  • You can modify the color scheme. Learn more

If the title of your custom home page is “Home,” you'll have two navigation items called “Home.”

Space sidebar

The space sidebar gives you access to the space overview, pages, blog posts, whiteboards, space settings, and app content, like Questions and Calendars.

Switch from one space to another

Go from one space to another using the Spaces menu in the navigation. Select the down arrow to open the menu to see a list of your recently visited spaces, then select any of those spaces to open them up.

Minimize the space sidebar

You can minimize or collapse the space sidebar to make more room for viewing your content. Use any of these methods:

  • Drag the right edge of the space sidebar to the left

  • Hover over the right edge of the space sidebar and select the left-facing arrow

  • Type [

Edit the space sidebar

You can determine which items display in the sidebar. You can do this for overview, blog, and any apps, such as questions or calendars. 

  1. Go to the space in Confluence Cloud.

  2. Select Space Settings from the sidebar.

  3. Select Edit sidebar from the Manage space card.

  4. Choose what appears in your sidebar.

The capabilities and cards available in Space settings depend on your permissions. Sidebar editing is only available to product and space administrators, along with permissions, look and feel, archiving, and deleting a space.

Space shortcuts

Shortcuts are helpful or important pages that members of a space might need to get to often. These shortcuts added by the space administrator.

Space admins can link to pages in the space, other related spaces, or relevant external web content as well as reorder the shortcuts as needed.

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