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Set up public access

You can enable public access (aka anonymous access) to your Confluence site by granting the "Use Confluence" permission to anonymous users. An "anonymous" user is someone who hasn't logged in to your Confluence site.

Don’t see an option to enable anonymous access?
Anonymous access cannot be active at the same time as public links enabled at the same time. If you don’t see an option to enable anonymous access, check to see if public links is enabled.

Once public links is disabled, you should see the option to enable anonymous access.

Enable anonymous access

If you want to make your site visible to everyone, including people who haven't logged in, you must enable anonymous access at the site level.

To enable anonymous access:

  1. Select (Settings) in the Confluence navigation

  2. Choose Global Permissions in the left-hand panel

  3. Click Edit Permissions

  4. In the Anonymous Access section, check the box under Use Confluence

  5. Click Save all

To allow anonymous users to see user profiles, check the checkbox in the View User Profiles section. You need to grant the Use Confluence permission to grant the View User Profiles permission.

Disabling anonymous access to the site

To disable anonymous access to your site, uncheck the box under Use Confluence and click Save all. People won't be able to see the content on the site unless they're logged in.

Granting public access to a space

To enable public access to a Confluence space, you must grant the following permissions to anonymous users:

  • The site-wide Use Confluence permission (as described above)

  • The relevant space permissions

If you want a space to be publicly accessible, the anonymous user must have at least the "View Space" permission.

To set space permissions:

  1. Click on the space name in the navigation, and click Space Settings

  2. Choose Space Admin > Permissions


  • You can't grant Space Admin or Restrict permissions to anonymous users. 

  • You can allow people to sign up for usernames themselves, and choose other options for user signup and invitations. See Invite a user.


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