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Install a custom language font for PDF exports

In Q2 2023 we released an update to PDF export that renders Confluence pages more accurately.

This update enables the use of installed languages without needing to install a custom font. If you’d like to use a custom font continue using the instructions on this page.

You may still see the need for this if PDF export is falling back to the older method of PDF export which may occur with the following:

Before you can export a Confluence page in a language other than English, you'll need to install a font that supports the language the page was written in.

Confluence only supports one font at a time. Installing a new font will replace the font you installed previously.

To install a new font in Confluence:

  1. Select the wheel icon () in the top-right corner to open Confluence administration.

  2. Find Settings > Configuration in the left-hand navigation.

  3. Select PDF export language support.

  4. Select Choose File.

  5. Choose a TTF or TTC file to upload.

  6. Select Install to upload the font and install it on your instance.

Once you've installed the appropriate font, follow the instructions for Export content to Word, PDF, HTML, and XML.


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