Confluence has a default homepage and sidebar, where you can see activity, resume your work, access the space directory, and more. You can choose to use the overview page of a Confluence space as the landing page for your site if you'd like to change the landing page for your users.

This can be useful if most people will be reading, rather than creating, pages in your site. However, for sites where you want to encourage teams to collaborate, the default homepage and sidebar provide the best tools for resuming work in progress and keeping up with what's happening on the site.

To use a page as your site home page:

  1. Go to 


    in the Confluence navigation
     > Further Configuration
  2. Click Edit
  3. Select a space from the Site Homepage dropdown menu
    When users log in or click the site logo, Confluence will go to the overview page of the space you choose.
  4. Hit Save
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Note about permissions

Before changing the site homepage, you should check that the default "confluence-users" or "users" groups have permissions to view the space, and that the overview page itself isn't restricted to particular people or groups.

If your site is public, you'll also need to make sure anonymous users have permissions to view the space, otherwise they'll be directed to the default Confluence homepage instead.

Accessing the default home with a site homepage set

If you choose to set a page as your site homepage but would like your users to still be able to access the default home and sidebar, you can add a link to the application navigator.

To add the default home and sidebar to the application navigator:

  1. Choose  in the sidebar and click Edit
  2. Enter the Name for your link (for example, "Dashboard")
  3. Enter the URL for your site's default home (for example,
  4. Click Add

A link to the default home will now appear in the application navigator.