When you create a new page, you have the option of starting from scratch with a blank page or pre-formatting your content with a page template.

To create a page from a template, simply select Create, then select a template from the panel on the right. You can browse through all templates in a space, filter templates by category, or search for a specific template by name or keyword. To see what a template looks like without selecting it, hover over the template card.

Once you've found the right template, select the card to start using it.

The template browser will disappear as soon as you start typing. To open it again, select Templates & import doc from the ••• menu in the upper right. If you select a new template after adding content to an existing page, you'll have the option to keep your existing page as a draft or discard it and start fresh.

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Add your favorite templates to the Starred category for easy access. Just hover over the template card and select the empty star icon.