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Use gadgets to add dynamic content

As of May 14, 2020, Confluence gadgets were removed from the Insert menu in the editor and from the slash command and shortcuts.

Any existing instances of these gadgets will still work. Learn more

Gadgets allow you to add dynamic content to a Confluence page or Jira application dashboard. Confluence supports gadgets provided by Jira. 

Add a gadget to a page

  1. Edit the page.

  2. Click Insert > Other Macros

  3. Pick the gadget you want to add and use the preview area to configure it. 

  4. Click Insert

Atlassian gadgets are supported, but 3rd party gadgets aren't.

Jira gadgets

For displaying basic Jira information, such as issues and charts, we recommend using the Jira Issues Macro and Jira Chart Macro as these macros have better performance and are easier to configure than gadgets. 

If the Jira information you want to display isn't available from either of these macros, a gadget will likely do the trick.

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