Gadgets allow you to add dynamic content to a Confluence page or Jira application dashboard. Confluence supports gadgets provided by Confluence and Jira. 

To see a list of available gadgets in your Confluence site go to Help > Available Gadgets.

The following gadgets are bundled with Confluence.

Confluence Page Gadget

The Confluence page gadget allows you to show content from a page on your Confluence site in a gadget. You can optionally configure the gadget to display links to view and/or edit the page on your Confluence site. The page gadget can also be displayed in canvas view, so that it takes up all of the space provided by your dashboard.

Activity Stream Gadget

The activity stream gadget is similar to the recently updated macro and shows a list of the most recently changed content within your Confluence site.

Confluence Quicknav Gadget

The Confluence QuickNav gadget provides the Quick Navigation Aid functionality for searching the Confluence site. For more information on how to use this feature, refer to the Quick Navigation Aid section of Search Confluence and find recent pages.

Add a gadget to a page

  1. Edit the page.
  2. Click Insert > Other Macros
  3. Pick the gadget you want to add and use the preview area to configure it. 
  4. Click Insert

Atlassian gadgets are supported, but 3rd party gadgets aren't.

Confluence gadgets

Where a similar result can be achieved using standard Confluence macros (for example using the Include Page Macro instead of Confluence Page Gadget), we recommend using macros as they have better performance and are easier to configure than gadgets.

Jira gadgets

For displaying basic Jira information, such as issues and charts, we recommend using the Jira Issues Macro and Jira Chart Macro as these macros have better performance and are easier to configure than gadgets. 

If the Jira information you want to display isn't available from either of these macros, a gadget will likely do the trick.