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Duplicate a database setup

A good database structure can take time to setup perfectly. So don't let everyone in your company figure it out alone. Instead, enable other teams to use your progress by copying a database structure.

This article will teach you how to copy your database setup to another space and what limitations to look out for.

How to copy your database structure

Copying the database structure does not mean copying the values and entries in a database. Use Copy from the More menu next to share an exact copy of both the data and structure

  1. Navigate to your database.

  2. Open more menu and select Copy structure.

  3. Enter a name and select a space for your new database.

  4. Select Copy to create and open the new copy of your database.


This process copies your database structure. Please make sure to copy over excluded elements if needed manually.

What is copied:

  • Database name (set during copy)

  • Settings

  • Fields and their field settings

  • Saved views and their view options

What isn't copied:

  • Permissions

  • Links to database embeds

  • Database page (selected as parent page in your page link settings)

  • Space templates (selected as default content in your page link settings)

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