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Use Loom in Confluence Cloud

The Loom in Confluence integration is currently in beta and subject to change.

During the beta, Loom AI features are included as part of the integration with Confluence. Loom AI features, which allow you to enhance the recording and editing process, are separate from Atlassian Intelligence features in Confluence.

Record and insert Loom videos directly in Confluence to enhance documentation, explain your thoughts, provide feedback to teammates, and so much more.

Loom videos are quick to create, easy to edit, and valuable for a variety of situations. You can share your screen or just your thoughts as a supplement to or in lieu of text on pages, blogs, and whiteboards.

New to Loom? Dive into some best practices and tips and tricks for recording.

Record Loom videos in Confluence

Once your Confluence admin has enabled Loom, you can begin recording Loom videos directly in Confluence, with the flexibility to record from various starting points. After you’ve finished recording, you can just Copy link and share the Loom video wherever and however you’d like (including inserting right into the comment you’re writing, the page you’re editing, the whiteboard you’re viewing, and more).

Record in a space

From the main navigation, select Create, then Loom video. This creates a Smart Link in the content tree for the video, either (depending on permissions) in the space you are currently in or your personal space.

Start recording by selecting Create and then Loom video.

If you know exactly where in the content tree you’d like the Loom video to go, select instead in the Content section of the space sidebar, then Loom video.

Start recording by selecting + in the content tree, then Loom video.

Record on a page or blog

When viewing a published page or blog, you can start a Loom video by selecting the Loom icon next to the Star in the content actions area. Starting the recording like this can be helpful if you want to walk someone through the content or respond without leaving a comment. Just be aware that you’ll need to share the video yourself with the link or by selecting Open on Loom when you’ve finished recording.

Select the Loom icon to start recording a video on a published page or blog.

If you’re editing a page or blog, you can start recording by selecting the Loom icon in the editor toolbar or by typing /loom and then select Record a Loom video.

Record a Loom video and then insert it directly in a Confluence page or blog.

Want to leave a video comment? Select the Loom icon in an inline comment or page comment, then insert the video into the comment.

Record a Loom video in an inline or page comment.

Record on a whiteboard

Select the Loom icon in any whiteboard you can edit, then Insert Loom video onto the whiteboard.

Record and insert a Loom video into a whiteboard.

Add existing Loom videos to Confluence

If you have already recorded a Loom video you want to include in Confluence, you can insert it as a link. When adding a link, search for or view recent Loom videos in the link selector, or paste the video URL copied from Loom.

Existing Loom videos can be added from recents or searched for.

Loom video permissions

Loom videos that you record are stored in your Loom library on Loom.com and follow the default permissions of your team’s Loom workspace (typically, that anyone in your workspace can view). You can change the privacy settings for each Loom video you create. Loom videos can be restricted to anyone with the link, anyone in your Loom workspace, or only people you specifically add.

The visibility of Loom videos added to Confluence will depend on both Confluence restrictions and Loom video privacy settings. As an example, if your Loom video itself is viewable by anyone in your workspace and items in the content tree of your personal space are only viewable by you, then only you would be able to view the embedded Loom video added to your personal space through Create > Loom video.

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