Comments are a great way to start a conversation about a page or blog post. They allow you to remark on content, add important information, ask questions, and generally drive collaboration and teamwork by bringing others into the conversation

You can add comments in different places depending on the type of feedback you have:

  • Page comment — added below the content of the page or post you are viewing; good for comments that apply to the content as a whole

  • Inline comment — added to a highlighted section of the page or post you are editing or viewing; good for targeted comments on a specific word or phrase

Add a page comment

Comments can be added to page or blog post.

  1. Enter your comment in the comment field at the bottom of the page
  2. By default, Watch this page is selected. This means you'll start receiving notifications about the page. Clear the checkbox if you don't want to watch the page.
  3. Select Save (Ctrl+S or ⌘+S)

Other users can reply and/or like your comment. You or a space administrator can edit your comment(s).

Add inline comments

You can add inline comment by highlighting text on the page or by hovering over a section.

To add an inline comment by highlighting (when viewing or editing a page):

  1. Highlight the text you want to comment on

  2. Select the add comment button that appears above the highlighted text

  3. Enter your comment and select Save (Ctrl+S or ⌘+S)

If you add a comment while editing, the comment is only visible to others editing the page, and it doesn’t appear to viewers until the page is published.

Anyone mentioned in comments while editing won’t be notified until you publish the page.

To add an inline comment by hovering (when viewing a page only):

  1. Hover over the right side of the page to reveal the comment option

  2. Select add inline comment to highlight the section you're on

  3. Enter your comment and select Save (Ctrl+S or ⌘+S)

View inline comments

After an inline comment is added to a page, the selected text will be highlighted in yellow; select any highlighted text on the page to display the related comment(s).

Just like page and blog post comments, others can reply to, or like, your inline comments, and you'll be notified when they do.

Resolve inline comments

Inline comments have a time and place during the lifecycle of your content. Once the feedback has been read and implemented, keeping those highlighted sections around may no longer add value.

You can resolve an inline comment whether you are editing or viewing a page to remove the highlight. The option to resolve is available when viewing the initial inline comment only; you can’t resolve a reply to an inline comment.

See all the resolved comments for a page whether you are editing or viewing by by selecting ••• > Resolved comments.

To reopen a resolved comment, select Reopen under the comment.

If an inline comment was added and resolved during a single editing session, only people who can edit the page can see the comment in the list of resolved comments. This stealthy way of commenting behind the scenes is a great way to collaborate on content without involving those with view-only access. 

Rich comments

Inline and page comments might look simple, but they support rich text (like boldunderline, and italics), bulleted and numbered lists, links and anchors, and @mentions. You can also drop images into any comment to really illustrate your point.

Link to a comment

You can link directly to an inline comment or a page comment by copying the link to it.

  1. Hover over the timestamp and a link icon appears.

  2. Select the link to copy the comments location to your clipboard.

  3. Paste that link to share that location with someone else.

Comment permissions

Administrators of a space have the option to turn of commenting entirely.

If comments are allowed in a space:

  • you can add comments in a space.

  • you can edit the comments you added.

  • you can delete your own comments, but only if there are no replies to your comment.

Whether deleting your own comment or a comment from someone else, keep in mind that deleted comments can’t be restored. 

Space admin controls

There is no permission that controls comments across the entire site, but space admins can:

  • edit any comments in their space. The timestamp on a comment always indicates when the comment was last edited.

  • delete any comments in their space and give other people the power to remove comments with the 'Remove Comments' permission.

  • prevent comments from being created in their space by removing the 'Add Comments' permission from the 'confluence-users' or 'users' groups, and also the anonymous users and all other users and groups. 

See Space permissions for more information. 


  • Select Watch at the top-right of the page to receive an email notification whenever anyone edits or adds a comment to the page.

  • On blog posts only, an AUTHOR lozenge will appear on any comments made by the original author of the post.

  • It's not possible to delete all comments on a page simultaneously, or change the order of comments.