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Give access to unlicensed users from Jira Service Management

If you're using Confluence to power your Jira Service Management knowledge base, you can choose to allow all active users and customers (that is, logged-in users who do not have product access to Confluence) to view specific spaces.

This lets Jira Service Management agents and customers access articles from the help center and from the service project.

To ensure Jira Service Management agents have access to view and edit articles in the knowledge base, a Confluence admin should:

  1. Go to Confluence Settings

  2. Select Global Permissions

  3. Select JSM Access tab

  4. Check “Use Confluence”

The Confluence global permissions page with the JSM access tab selected.

Now in your Jira Service Managementproject:

  1. Navigate to the Project Settings

  2. Select Knowledge base

  3. Select All logged-in users under “Who can view” for your linked spaces

  4. If desired, select Service project users under “Who can edit” for your linked spaces

The Jira Service Management project settings page with the Knowledge base tab selected.

This global Confluence permission will be enabled by default if your Confluence instance was initially created to serve as a knowledge base for Jira Service Management. It will also override all existing space permissions. This means that any logged-in Confluence user will also be able to see the space regardless of their group membership.  

Active users who don't have product access to Confluence have very limited access to Confluence. They can view pages, but can't like, comment, edit, view the dashboard, use the space directory, see user profiles, or search your full instance. 

You can edit this permission at any time to revoke access to a space, but access for JSM agents and customers can only be fully re-enabled from Jira Service Management project settings. 

You can also change permissions in the JSM Access tab of global permissions.

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