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Install a theme

Themes are used to let the admin change the appearance of a Confluence Cloud site or spaces.

To install a new admin-driven theme on your site:

  1. In a separate tab, navigate to marketplace.atlassian.com.

  2. Use the menus in the sidebar to filter by product (Confluence) and hosting option (Cloud).

  3. Under Categories, select Themes & styles.

  4. Select the theme of your choice, then select Get it now.*

*If the theme costs money to install, this button will say Try it free instead.

When a new space is created, the theme applied to the whole site will be applied by default to the new space. To change colors for individual spaces, you'll need to download a theming app from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Users can also select their own theme, choosing either Light or Dark. These choices are independent of the theme you choose in settings, however each theme responds to the user’s current choice, presenting slightly darker colors in Dark mode.

Additional Help