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Customize the email domain sending Confluence emails

By default, notification emails are sent from a Confluence email address. To send emails from a different address with your own domain name, Confluence product admins can select a custom email address, and all notifications will be sent from it instead.

Confluence emails sent from a domain other than atlassian.net can be rejected by DMARC if sent without a domain-specific DKIM signature.

Before you can select a custom domain name from which to send Confluence emails, an organization admin will need to add it first in Atlassian Administration. What are the steps for setting up custom email addresses?

Once DMARC has been set up to allow customization of the sender email address:

  1. Open Confluence administration in your Confluence site by selecting .

  2. Expand the Configuration section, then select Notifications.

  3. Under Email addresses, select the custom email address you want to use.

  4. Select Save changes. It can take up to an hour for the email change to take effect.

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