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Use sections to organize your work

Use sections to organize your board. With sections, you can group and move related ideas or guide people through workshops with multiple activities, each in its own section.

An example of three sections with a shape being moved from left to center

Create a section from the toolbar

  1. Select the Section icon in the toolbar.

  2. A section will appear on hover. Select and drag the section to the location of the board where you’d like the section to go.

Creating a section from the toolbar

Add elements to a section

Select and move an element into a section using mouse or keyboard arrows. You can add any whiteboard element to a section except for another section.

Once you have moved elements inside the section, they’ll stay with the section when you move it around your whiteboard.

You can also select and drag to select multiple objects and add them to a section.

Adding a Jira issue to a section by dragging it

Edit a section title

To edit a section title:

  1. Create or select a section on the board.

  2. Change the name from untitled to a new name and press Return / Enter.

You can also double-click the section’s name to edit.


To remove the title:

  1. Double-click title.

  2. Delete text.

  3. Press Return / Enter.

Editing a section title

Change the appearance of a section

You can change the size and color of a section.

To resize a section:

  1. Select the section.

  2. Select and drag the resize handles of the section.

To change the color of a section:

  1. Select the section.

  2. Select the color picker icon in the floating toolbar.

  3. Select a new color.

Editing the color of a section

Delete a section

To delete a section:

  1. Select the section.

  2. Press Delete / Backspace.

Deleting a section also deletes its contents. To delete a section without deleting its contents, select everything in the section and drag it to another place on the whiteboard.

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