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Create a network of users

You can Create a network of users who are important to you, to make sure you're always up to date with their Confluence activity. You might want to follow your boss or teammates, to see what they're working on, or whoever creates the most entertaining blog posts.

When someone's part of your network, we'll send you a notification when they:

Follow another user

You can follow another user by using either their hover profile or your Network view.

To follow a user with their hover profile, hover your mouse over their profile picture when it appears on a page and choose Follow.

To follow a user from your Network view:

  1. Choose your profile picture at the right side of the navigation, then choose Network

  2. Search for and select the user in the User name field and click Follow

Reload your Network view and the profile picture of the user(s) you just followed will appear in the Following list on the right. Their tracked activities will also start appearing in the Recent Activity list.

Access your network view

To see what's been happening in your network, access your network view as described above. 

You can access another user's network view using the hover profile by choosing More > Network Page.


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