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Configuring an admin announcement banner

This feature will be available to all Confluence users with a Premium subscription within the next 2-4 weeks.

An announcement banner is a powerful tool to help your team stay informed and up-to-date with critical information. Communicate important messaging and time-sensitive alerts to users within your organization.


  • You must have Conflunece Premium

  • You must be signed in as a product or org admin to edit or create an announcement banner.

Banner visibility

Banners will be seen on all pages within Confluence. You can configure an announcement banner’s visibility level to specify which type of users can see it. These groups are:

  • Public: Anyone in Confluence, including guests and users from other organizations. This includes users from anonymous access, public links, and also JSM access.

  • Private: Only licensed users within your organization. In other words, anyone can log in to Confluence and view content in your organization.

Setting up your announcement banner

  1. Verify that you are logged in as a product and org admin.

  2. Select the settings or gear icon on the upper right corner of your page.

  3. From the left navigation bar, find the Announcement banner tab.

  4. Under Display Settings, create your message and select a color for your banner.

    1. Create a message:

      1. You can use hyperlinks in your message and enter a maximum number of 180 characters

      2. Bulleted lists, numbered lists, additional lines, or code blocks can't be used in the message box

    2. Select a color to align with your message type:

      1. Gray: General/default

      2. Blue: Informational

      3. Purple: note

      4. Green: Success

      5. Yellow: Warning

      6. Red: Emergency

  5. Lastly, set the banner visibility to Private or Public.

Confluence announcement banner setting


What happens if I have more than one banner?

Only one announcement banner will be displayed at a time. If you have an active admin key banner, this will take precedence over the announcement banner.

Confluence announcement banner published

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